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Level 2

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What is the course?

The first ever UK certified and globally recognised qualification for professional bartenders that gives a comprehensive understanding of the bar industry. The course covers the foundations of working in a bar and is designed to provide training and certification for bartenders and potential bartenders starting out in their careers.

The Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills has a total qualification time of 130 hours, including:

  • 70 hours of guided online learning
  • 60 hours of private study and revision
  • Plus: a 75-minute multiple choice examination

It has a credit value of 13.

This complete course, plus examination and qualification, costs £480.

The Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills course goes considerably further than the beverage-category and drink-making training typically offered to bartenders. It covers everything you need to know about working in a bar (both back and front of house), giving you a broad and in-depth knowledge of all the skills, daily operations and laws needed when working in a bar as well, of course, as a qualification once you pass the final exam.

The course is a UK certificated Level 2 qualification, allowing you to demonstrate your level of knowledge to future employers. It will also qualify you to take the Level 4 National Diploma in Professional Bar Management – a major step forward in bartender career development as well an educational foundation into university level hospitality courses.

Working in a bar is demanding but fun – and so is this online course. Packed with at least 70 hours of in-depth content, it is filled with essential knowledge as well as demonstration films, interactive learning, clear and simple explainer graphics and fun-to-share nuggets of information about the history of bars and drinks.

100% online:
All course content is delivered remotely and is available on your phone or tablet. You’ll never have to travel to attend lectures in person. Even the final exam, delivered by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality, is online and all you’ll need for it is a computer or a laptop with a built-in camera.

Easy to follow:
The simple touchscreen navigation takes you on a learning journey through this extensive course with a clear route map.

  • Simply press on the arrows to progress.
  • Click on all the highlighted areas to find out everything you need to know.

Time is on your side:
You can learn in your own time with 24 months to complete the course.

The curriculum for the Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills is more comprehensive than anything previously offered as bartender training. As well as extensive drinks category education, you will learn bartending and cocktail-making skills, as well as hospitality management, business know-how and topics which have recently become important issues in modern bartending – including sustainability, bartender well-being and low- and no-alcohol drinking. The course has been built with the help of industry experts, as well as drawing on the knowledge of professional and education specialists.

The course is divided into three units:


(Estimated time to complete: 35 hours)

  • What alcohol is, how it effects the body and what safe levels of consumption are
  • Methods of production for some of the key drink categories and the ingredients used to produce a wide range of alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages
  • The importance of food and drink harmony
  • Understanding sustainable practices, reducing waste and how to use resources carefully both behind the bar and in the wider hospitality environment

(Estimated time to complete: 21 hours)

The second unit in the course examines:

  • The importance of good customer service, the importance of responsible serving and how to deal with customer incidents
  • Ways of preparing a range of hot and cold, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Understanding bar set-up and bar close down routines
  • The principles of cellar management

(Estimated time to complete: 14 hours)
The final unit in the course includes:

  • Health & Safety and food hygiene legislation
  • Understanding how licensing laws are applied to licensed premises
  • Understanding customer service legislation and how it applies to licensed premises

At the end of the course, you will be guided to an external examination online platform where you will sit your final exam.

Throughout the course you will have plenty of opportunities to:

  • Check what you have learned with quick, fun quizzes in each module
  • Reflect on and improve your learning with informal, mini assessments that you can review and re-take until you feel comfortable and confident you will pass the final exam

The final assessment comprises a 75-minute multiple-choice exam. To pass the exam, a minimum mark of 70% is required. Results are graded as follows:

  • Pass: 70% - 79%
  • Merit: 80% - 89%
  • Distinction: 90% or above

All students who pass will receive a digital Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills, awarded by CTH and regulated by Ofqual.

The course is designed to be studied online via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. For the final exam, a computer or laptop with a camera is required.

The course has a dedicated helpdesk for you to email during all working hours for support and advice, as well as a comprehensive FAQ page to solve any queries.

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