Yes. Both the Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills and the Level 4 National Diploma in Professional Bar Management are awarded by The Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality and accredited by OFQUAL

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Once you have completed all the required course material, you will be presented with a Take the Exam Button.

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Please see our terms and conditions.

You will need a computer or laptop with a built-in camera. (Tablets or smartphones are not permitted). For the Level 4 Course synoptic exam, an additional device with a built-in camera (smartphone, tablet or laptop) is required.

You will need a government ID as per our terms and conditions. Google Chrome is required for taking the exam.

  • You will receive a digital certificate to the email address you have used to complete the course and book the exam
  • Your certificate will have a unique number for reference on the CTH database

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