Professional Bar Training

Welcome to Professional Bar Training, the first ever set of recognised qualifications for the bar industry.

PBT is the first fully accredited online education programme to be created specifically for bar professionals. It is awarded by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality and accredited by Ofqual. Our courses provide unrivalled, comprehensive training that will help you unlock your full potential and take the next step in your career.

Never again will bartending be seen as just a job you do on the side. We want you to be able to make this your career and help you climb to the top of the hospitality industry.

PBT is a set of fully certified e-learning courses, with an emphasis on vocational training and practical industry know-how. Final exams result in recognised qualifications to help you progress your career.

Our Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills and Level 4 National Diploma in Professional Bar Management are a major step forward in bartender career development. They provide an educational foundation, whether you are just starting out in the industry, or progressing through to management and beyond.

PBT currently consists of two courses:

  • Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills
  • Level 4 National Diploma in Professional Bar Management.

Both courses are awarded by the Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality and accredited by Ofqual.

Taken 100% online, with no classroom time, PBT’s in-depth courses are designed to work around you. They can be completed anywhere, at any time and at a pace to suit you.

In other words, they can fit seamlessly around your working life and the challenging hours of the bar industry, so you can simultaneously advance your education and your career. Even the exams are taken online and remotely, meaning there is no need to travel to a college, workplace or exam centre in order to complete the courses.

You’ll find our interactive online courses easy to follow, packed full of helpful graphics, videos, quizzes and more to support your learning. Course content is split into different units that are then divided into separate modules, with guidance on learning hours for each one so that you know exactly what to expect. A tracker allows you to view your progress at every stage, and a live support desk is available for technical assistance.

Our Courses


The Level 2 Certificate in Professional Bartending Skills is aimed at those new to the industry or with up to two years’ experience. Level 2 is open to anyone interested in working as a professional bartender and raising their skills level.

The course goes considerably further than the beverage category and cocktail-making training typically offered to bartenders. It covers everything you need to know to begin your career in the industry. As well as providing comprehensive category and technical drinks-making training, it covers all areas of customer service and responsibilities, as well as licensing law, health and safety, hygiene, and much more…

Level 2 gives you the day-to-day know-how you need to work successfully in a bar (both back and front of house).



The Level 4 National Diploma in Professional Bar Management is designed to help bartenders and supervisors make the transition into bar management. It is aimed at those who have over three years’ bartending experience, with at least one of those years in a supervisory role, and who have passed the PBT Level 2 exam or have a similar equivalent qualification.

As well as learning about financial business management, HR and training, and licensing and legislation relevant to the bar industry, you will be taught essential sales and marketing techniques, discover how to manage your bar more ethically and sustainably, and learn advanced bar management skills.

You can use the Level 4 course as a springboard to higher education: it is the equivalent to three units (or 40%) of the first year of a bachelor’s degree in hospitality.

Level 4 is a significant step on the road towards a successful long-term career in hospitality.


What our students have said

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